Our Expert Trainers


Mike Blazek

Based at Geomagic headquarters in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (USA), Mike brings extensive experience to the Geomagic training group and its customers. Since 1986, Mike has trained and developed courseware for the CAD/CAM industry as a designer, NC programmer, programmer, system administrator, trainer, mentor and implementation specialist, as well as other positions in the following industries: automotive, aerospace, press and cross-discipline CAD/CAM implementations. Traveling throughout his career to several countries such as Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Australia and the USA, Mike has amassed expert-level process implementation knowledge.

Lu McCarty

Based at Geomagic headquarters in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (USA), Lu brings a broad range of practical experience to the DSSP industry. As a machinist in 1976 through today as a technical educator, Lu has compiled a background in numerous industries; including automotive racing, communications, locomotive, IT and the transportation fields. Lu has over 20 years of engineering design and custom implementation experience on numerous CAD/FEA platforms. Lu also performed application engineering duties at a large aerospace company, where he supported over 300 design, analysis and test engineers on a day to day basis. Well versed at working with clients in both the public and private sector, Lu has facilitated active learning and implementation in the areas of mechanical engineering, 3D imaging/animation and CAD/CAI systems for over 14 years.