Geomagic® Touch™ X Haptic DevicedGeomagic Touch X

The award-winning Geomagic Touch X (formerly Sensable Phantom Desktop) haptic device provides an affordable desktop solution and is ideal for customers who are performing certain types of haptic research. The Touch X provides precision positioning input and high fidelity force-feedback output. Portable design, compact footprint, and simple port interface ensure quick installation and ease-of-use.

See the Technical Specifications below


Force feedback workspace ~6.4 W x 4.8 H x 4.8 D in > 160 W x 120 H x 120 D mm
Footprint (Physical area device base occupies on desk) 5 5/8 W x 7 1/4 D in ~143 W x 184 D mm
Weight (device only) 6 lbs 5oz
Range of motion Hand movement pivoting at wrist
Nominal position resolution > 1100 dpi ~ 0.023 mm
Backdrive friction < 0.23 oz (0.06 N)
Maximum exertable force at nominal (orthogonal arms) position 1.8 lbf (7.9 N)
Continuous exertable force (24 hrs) 0.4 lbf (1.75 N)
Stiffness X axis > 10.8 lbs / in (1.86 N / mm)
Y axis > 13.6 lbs / in (2.35 N / mm)
Z axis > 8.6 lbs / in (1.48 N / mm)
Inertia (apparent mass at tip) ~0.101 lbm (45 g)
Force feedback x, y, z
Position sensing [Stylus gimbal] x, y, z (digital encoders)
[Pitch, roll, yaw (± 3% linearity potentiometers)
Interface RJ45 compliant on-board Ethernet Port or USB Port
Supported platforms Intel or AMD-based PCs
OpenHaptics®Toolkit compatibility Yes
Applications Selected Types of Haptic Research, FreeForm®Modeling™system, Geomagic Sculpt system