Geomagic® Touch™ X Haptic Device

The award-winning Geomagic Touch X (formerly Sensable Phantom Desktop) pushes haptic capabilities to the next level, providing more precise positioning input and high-fidelity force-feedback output. For 3D modeling and design, surgical training, virtual assembly and other procedures that require a higher degree of precision, Touch X is an easy-to-use, affordable option.

The Geomagic Touch X haptic devices allow users to feel 3D on-screen objects by applying force feedback on the user’s hand, and the Touch X delivers expanded true-to-life sensations with a more fluid feel and lower friction. Its durability, affordability and accuracy make the Touch X haptic device ideal for commercial, medical and research applications, especially when compactness and portability matter. 

Leading OEMs choose the Touch X and integrate it into their products, as its valuable in a number of interactive virtual environments, like surgical simulators and machine component visualization.

Surgical training with Geomagic Touch X haptic

skull implant design with Geomagic Touch X


The Geomagic Touch X allows surgical interns to perform accurate virtual surgeries and learn the feel of a correct procedure before entering the clinical environment. Its compact design and accurate feel provide a true-to-life experience and field of movement.




Research and Development

Geomagic Touch X is an integral piece in many university- and research center-based haptic applications. Touch X provides the ideal balance of affordability, flexibility and precision that’s important to budget-conscious research projects in fields like medical rehabilitation, biomedical and robotics. 



OpenHaptics Toolkit with QuickHaptics micro API

Using the Geomagic Touch X with our QuickHaptics micro API enables rapid program design and deployment. With QuickHaptics you can write a simple graphic/haptics application using 8 lines of programming code instead of 300!

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  • CE certified
  • Six-degree-of-freedom positional sensing
  • High-fidelity force feedback, stronger forces and lower friction produce a more realistic touch experience


  • Automatic workspace calibration
  • Compact footprint and portable design allow for flexible desktop operation
  • Single integrated momentary switch on the stylus allows for end-user customization and ease of use