Geomagic Freeform Features

Add Structure to your Design

Geomagic Freeform’s comprehensive StructureFX™ toolset delivers the freedom to select existing patterns or create custom complex, internal and external lattice structures for lightweight and beautiful designs. Advanced tools create functional cages for applications such as custom medical implants. These tools work alongside the advanced 3D print analysis tools for perfect and successful 3D printing of your designs.

Easily Communicate in 3D

The stand-alone Freeform Viewer will display clay models from Geomagic Sculpt and Geomagic Freeform. Simple visualization, zoom, rotate, pan, measure and cutaway tools allow others to see a model without having to be proficient in the software.

Use 3D Tools for 3D Tasks

For the ultimate in expressive freedom and faster modeling, Geomagic Freeform products work exclusively with the included 3D Systems Touch haptic devices to deliver the physical sensation of sculpting in a virtual environment. This more intuitive way of interacting with your 3D design reduces learning curves, speeds design and allows you to deliver top-notch 3D data.


Geomagic Freeform supports both Geomagic Touch X and Geomagic Touch.


Quickly Import and Repair 3D Data

Easily import STL, CAD, scan and other 3D data from any source and instantly use them in your designs. Quickly repair faulty and low-grade 3D data into smooth workable models. Employ sculpting and embossing tools to form texture layers into real, physical geometry that can be immediately 3D printed, used in traditional manufacturing or easily exported in a wide range of formats for downstream workflows.

Capture to Freeform

Capture physical objects in 3D directly inside Freeform using the Geomagic® Capture™ 3D Scanner - the most powerful, integrated, industrial-grade 3D scanner and software system. Bring the real world into the digital world, and leverage existing shapes and designs in your own. Add complex design elements and build creative models around scanned components.

Perfectly Realistic Renderings

Amaze and delight your clients or colleagues with high definition KeyShot for 3D Systems for fast and beautiful renderings of your designs. A wide range of preset materials, lights and cameras let you create stunning renderings. For highly customized renderings, KeyShot includes tools to create high-resolution images, custom materials and sophisticated lighting.

Toy design in Geomagic Freeform

Sculptures of every size created using Geomagic Freeform software.jpg

Emboss 3D patterns on a curved surface

Geomagic Freeform's SubD surfacing delivers compex shapes quickly

Create molds directly int Geomagic Freeform from your design and then machine

Custom prosthetic design in Geomagic Freeform


Construct Clay

  • Easily and quickly construct basic shapes, perform wire cuts, spins, lofts and sweeps. Add to the design using tools such as Toothpaste and Pipe, and curve spheres. Easily offset, inflate and morph the design with tools such as Extrude to Plane.


Sculpt Clay

  • Carve and shape your clay with a wide range of tools in your virtual space including razors, knife cutters, scrapers and more. Smooth, smudge and shape the design using a variety of available tools.

Detail and Edit Clay

  • Tug, ridge, emboss and deform your clay without limitations using Freeform’s detailing tools to create exactly the design you envisage. Benefit from the full range of selection and move features that allow repositioning, alignment, and separation of the design. Benefit from a range of dimensional controls to assist with accuracy in designs.


3D Curves

  • Easily draw, repair and edit curves, project from a sketch and to a plane, intersect sketches and offset curves.

Plane Features

  • Create, edit and sketch on a plane, orient the plane and copy profiles.


2D Sketching

  • Fully create and edit sketches within Geomagic Freeform with pencil, freehand, control point curves, and basic 2D forms such as lines, arcs, circles, etc.

Mesh, Paint and Rendering

  • Import mesh models and convert to clay, and then edit the data using a range of tools to stitch, deform and tug to desired shapes. Paint the data with airbrush tools, wrap images on a model and render with the mental ray® rendering engine.
  • Import and export 2D and 3D industry-standard formats including: OBJ, STL, PLY, ZPR, IGES curves, Parasolid, and JPG, among others. VRML and Freeform are included as export-only formats.


Evaluate and Analyze

  • Measure mass properties such as surface areas, volumes, piece density, and analyze piece-to-piece fit, intersections and thickness. Display the model with a choice of resolutions to increase processing speed, and opt for scalable secondary views.

Customization and Utilities

  • Toggle new displays for undercuts, hide/show curves and fit to view, customize the UI for color schemes and favorite palettes.


More Features Include

  • Create and apply intricate, dimensionally controlled textures
  • 2D sketch; import 2D digital art files
  • Automated alignment of different data sets
  • Toolsets for voxel, polygonal mesh, SubD and NURBS modeling
  • Seamless integration of Geomagic's powerful AutoSurface platform
  • Powerful Boolean operations
  • Draft analysis, no-fail shelling and thickness analysis
  • Complex parting surface development for mold insert design
  • 3D Printability Analysis
  • Pattern/emboss a bitmap along curves
  • Full HD color rendering with KeyShot for 3D Systems
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