Sheet Metal Design

The Geomagic Design sheet metal module delivers fast and easy-to-use tools for designing parts made from sheet materials. It's fully integrated into Geomagic Design with a dedicated workspace so you only see tools that are relevant to sheet metal design. The Lofting Wizard makes transition pieces easy, such as square to circle profiles. With Geomagic Design 2011 you will also enjoy powerful tools to let you convert normal or imported parts into unfoldable designs.

Native Design

Sheet metal design in Geomagic Design is easy and powerful. Work using concepts already familiar to you, such as tabs, flanges, cuts, dimples and lofts. Every design aspect is completely editable at any time. Single-click flat patterns let you analyze your design early and often, maximizing design iterations and minimizing mistakes.

The Geomagic Design sheet metal design module is perfect for enclosure design, duct work, or general component design. At any time you can unfold the model to check for design integrity and overlaps.



















Lofted Transitions

Complex lofted transitions can be made easily with the Lofted Flange Wizard. The Wizard graphically guides you through the creation of complex geometry such as square-circle or oval-circle transitions. A wide variety of parameters allow you to get the geometry perfect the first time. This feature is only available in Geomagic Design.


Convert Solids to Sheet Metal

Powerful conversion tools let you take imported files or files you design in a part workspace and convert them into native sheet metal parts you can unfold. This powerful tool makes converting your existing libraries of sheet metal STEP files, for example, quick and efficient. It also supercharges general sheet metal design, allowing completely new workflows that are typically substantially faster at accomplishing the final goal. A wizard guides you through the conversion with lots of graphical feedback. This feature is only available in Geomagic Design.


Instant 2D Flat Patterns

Once you've created your sheet metal part in 3D, you can easily create an associative 2D drawing that updates if you make any changes to the 3D part later. Creating a flat pattern for a 2D drawing is as simple as selecting the Flat Pattern checkbox in the 2D Drawing creation wizard.