Save Time and Money with the Industry's First CAD Integrated 3D Printability Tools




Visually identify printing volume, wall thickness, overhangs and more before you 3D print your model. After selecting from a list of industry-leading 3D printer configurations the model will highlight various areas that are potential issues for 3D printing. Save time and money by optimizing your model for 3D printing before you print it. 



Select a 3D Printer

Geomagic Design includes pre-defined parameters for some of the most common industry-leading 3D printers. The parameters include Printing Volume, Wall Thickness, Gap Clearance, Overhang and others. These parameters help you determine any areas that may need re-designed before 3D printing occurs.



Visually Identify Potential Issues

Once a 3D printer has been selected, Geomagic Design allows you to test your model, then take corrective action. Select from a list of common printability checks then visually identify potential issues you may experience when 3D printing. A highlighted face indicates a feature or face that needs your attention. Use Designs parametric CAD tools, or direct editing tools to make your printability adjustment, then print with confidence.


Create Your Build File

After you have completed your design for printability adjustments, 3D print with confidence knowing that your model has been optimized for your additive manufacturing tool.