3D Model Creation

Geomagic Design contains a full suite of mechanical design tools aimed at precise, fast model creation.

Fully Parametric Design

Parametric design is the de facto standard for 3D mechanical design and manufacturing. If you are not using a true parametric modeler, you are wasting time. Parametric basically means that you create intelligent parts, assemblies, and drawings that can be updated later easily and with a minimum of rework. Wherever a part is used, for example in an assembly, BOM, or 2D drawing, changes will be reflected automatically.

Geomagic Design is built from the ground up to be fully parametric. All modules are completely interconnected and design changes are a matter of double clicking dimensions you used to create your part originally and typing in new numbers. When you open your assembly, you will see the part has been updated for you. When you open your drawings, you will see all the views, including partial views, section views, and anything else will also be updated. The dimensions will have changed for you, and you will not waste any time needlessly redoing 2D drawings.

Part Design

Geomagic Design allows you to make mechanical parts of any complexity quickly and easily. With workflows designed for quick changes and easy updating, iterating the design is an efficient process. Quickly make parts, tools, fixtures, molds, and any other surrounding manufacturing designs.













Fully Parametric Design

Easily and efficiently define relationships to save time and ensure accuracy when design changes occur. Sketch Constraints, many of which get applied automatically for you, allow you to ensure real world design criteria are maintained.



Excel Driven Design

Use or reuse your Excel data to drive classes of parts or entire assemblies easily.


Assembly Design

Geomagic Design makes combining multiple parts into an assembly easy. Drag-and-drop constraint management and real-time previews allow you to be less concerned with what's technically happening and more concerned with your design. Create exploded views you can reuse in 2D drawings, query the assembly's physical properties such as mass, detect collisions, and easily change or update parts directly from within the assembly workspace. Simulate assembly motion by clicking and dragging parts to see the real-world motion in action, before creating physical prototypes.





Drag and Drop Constraint Creation

Intelligent snapping technology works for you to make quick work of assembling multiple parts into a physically accurate, moving virtual prototype.




Instant Exploded Views

Create exploded views automatically or manually. Transfer these views into a 2D drawing, or export an animated PDF with assembly or disassembly instructions.



Interference Detection

Run an interference detection to ensure that all parts fit together properly, without running into each other. Detect problems in the design phase, before creating physical prototypes that have to be scrapped.