Geomagic Capture® for Scan-Based Design

Geomagic Capture for reverse engineering and scan-based design for SOLIDWORKS, Geomagic Design X and Geomagic Wrap.

Enhance Your CAD System

Reverse engineer with style. Geomagic Capture scanners work flawlessly with SOLIDWORKS® via a software plugins and connects via Geomagic Design X to Siemens® NX™, Solid Edge®, Creo®, Pro/ENGINEER® and Autodesk Inventor®. With the power to take scan data directly into CAD, you can design highly complex parts faster via one seamless workflow.


Professional-Grade, Accurate Scanning

The ultra-compact Geomagic Capture scanners capture precise data using state-of-the-art blue LED technology. The amazing devices capture almost one million points in 0.3 seconds to create detailed models of physical objects, accurate to 0.034-0.118 mm.


Powered by proven technology

Geomagic Capture scanners utilize industry-leading customer-proven technology from Geomagic. With this software, you get the easiest, most powerful scan-based design and reverse engineering software technology combined with proven scanning hardware.


Built for a Variety of Demanding Applications

Geomagic Capture portable scanners and flexible software make it a perfect fit for a variety of applications, from heavy-duty manufacturing to industrial design to automotive to jewelry. The new method of Scan-Based Design empowers designers across all industries to swiftly create the type of innovative products that customers demand.


Reduce Integration and Training Costs

With Geomagic Capture scanners you get one easy-to-use, affordable solution that bridges hardware, software and CAD for your convenience. Because it’s a complete plug-and-play system, you won’t have to burn time incorporating multiple products from multiple vendors into your workflow.


Capture Packages

Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini are 3D scanning systems delivering integrated scan hardware and 3D scan processing software.  Multiple combinations are available to suit your specific requirements:

Geomagic ® for SOLIDWORKS ®

Take advantage of this consolidated Scan-Based Design system to ramp up your design process and get products to market faster. Plugs directly into SOLIDWORKS, so there's no learning curve.

Package includes:
• Capture or Capture Mini 3D scanner
• Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS add-in software

Geomagic Capture for Design X

Powerful Scan-Based Design for the most demanding applications. Create CAD models in Design X and transfer them, with complete feature trees, to Siemens NX, PTC Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, Inventor and SOLIDWORKS.

Package includes:
• Desktop 3D scanner
• Geomagic Design X software

Geomagic Capture for Wrap

Scan it, mesh it and surface it in minutes.

• Scan into Geomagic Wrap
• Wide range of point cloud and mesh editing tools
• Automatic surfacing plus advanced exact surfacing tools

• Save to multiple neutral file formats for archive, 3D printing and more
• Choose from Geomagic Capture or Capture Mini scanners.