Geomagic Capture Scanning White Paper

A 3D Scanning Use-case with Dinosaur Fossils

Author: Ian Sayers, PEAK Solutions LLC.

In 1995 researchers discovered a mass of dinosaur bone fossils in Alaska’s Liscomb Bonebed, the richest single bed for dinosaur bones in either polar region. In a 2015 project for University of Alaska, Fairbanks, enough bone fossils were matched to be able to identify the dinosaurs as a possible new species, and to begin the formation of skeletons and skulls of these discoveries.

In order to recreate this potential new species as a series of physical exhibits, the best quality bones would need to be replicated quickly. 3D scanning and printing provided the best and fastest answers. A specialist team from both Montana and Oregon 3D scanned the bones, mirrored the 3D models and 3D printed them to deliver matched left and right bones for the skeletons.

This white paper discusses why the Geomagic Capture to Wrap system by 3D Systems was selected by PEAK Solutions LLc as an ideal solution for this project.



Geomagic wrap 3d point cloud scan of dinosaur fossil