Geomagic Design X


3D Systems Geomagic's industry-leading software for reverse engineering and scan-based design* is now available in two options! Geomagic Design X delivers robust 3D scan data into CAD-based design, while Geomagic Wrap offers easy, fast 3D scan data processing into polygon and surfaced 3D models. Both have a Free Trial download for you to try them out quickly and easily.

* Geomagic Studio has been discontinued for sale



Geomagic Wrap enables users to transform point cloud data, probe data and imported 3D formats (STL, OBJ, etc.) into 3D polygon meshes for use in manufacturing, analysis, design, entertainment, archeology and analysis.




Geomagic Design X, the industry's most comprehensive reverse engineering software, combines history-based CAD with 3D scan data processing so you can create feature-based, editable solid models compatible with your existing CAD software.