Turbine Design, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance  

Geomagic® is making turbine design and evaluation smarter.

Geomagic’s 3D scanning and analysis capabilities are being used to enhance the process of creating efficient, high-performing turbines for power grid applications, compression equipment and aeronautical propulsion.

Geomagic’s products combine perfectly to give engine and turbine blade designers and manufacturers the ability to rapidly model, design, check precise part positions and verify as-built structures. The advanced 3D modeling capabilities of Geomagic Studio® dovetail perfectly with the airfoil/turbine blade analysis tools offered by Geomagic Qualify®, together building higher accuracy, automation and productivity in turbine engineering and inspection. For repair and retrofit needs, Geomagic allows engineers to accurately reverse engineer aging or undocumented blade, blisk and turbine assemblies.




Howmet/Alcoa Speeds Up Quality Inspection

With help from Geomagic Qualify, Howmet, a division of Alcoa that manufactures compressor and turbine blades for aircraft jet engines, thinks it has found the solution to the “more-faster-better” inspection dilemma. The company has implemented a new first-article inspection process that combines a GOM white-light scanner in concert with computer-aided inspection software from Geomagic.


ADC Keep American Blimp Corp. Flying

American Blimp Corp. realized the challenges of blimp design first hand when the manufacturer of its custom fan blades went defunct. The company turned to engineering design firm Advanced Design Concepts (ADC) to create injection molds from the actual parts. ADC turned to Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify, creating a new process that improved quality, cut manufacturing time, and reduced costs by nearly 90 percent.

Tutorial: Geomagic Qualify Complete Workflow

Certain commands in the Qualify inspection workflow are often repeated across different inspection plans. The Home tab is designed to provide frequently used commands such as 3D Compare, Cross Sections and 2D Dimensions in a concise workflow tab. This video will demonstrate a complete inspection workflow on an airfoil using the Home tab.




Turbine Manufacturing Benefits

  • Create highly accurate 3D models of as-built parts and designs in Geomagic Studio®.
  • Perform airfoil alignment in Geomagic Qualify® using point and line targets that simulate edge-to-pin contact.
  • Analyze complex airfoil geometry.
  • Perform 2D twist analysis on airfoils.
  • Analyze complicated internal geometry.