Simulation and Training

Geomagic® is making simulations more real.

Geomagic software and Sensable® Phantom® haptic tools are breaking new ground in simulation and testing within a variety of medical and manufacturing fields. Using Geomagic 3D software and Sensable haptics as a centerpiece, the possibilities for touch-enabled simulation are boundless, including ultrasound and biopsy simulations, dental simulations, stroke rehabilitation exercises, oil well path planning, manufacturing visualization, and exploring and visualizing mathematical objects that exist outside of normal 3D space.

Selected customers in this industry include: BP Visualization Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Children's Hospital in Columbus Ohio, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Indiana University, Industrial Virtual Reality, Inc., Innovative Sports Training, IRCAD Research Institute against Digestive Cancer, Mednet, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



Geomagic's Sensable Haptics Give Veterinary Students Valuable Experience

Britain’s first school of veterinary medicine at Nottingham University is incorporating the "Haptic Cow" as part of its first year curriculum. Read the Press Release. Using a Sensable Phantom Premium 1.5 haptic device, veterinary students receive valuable true-to-life training, performing virtual reproductive tract palpations and fertility examinations.


SmartCollision™ Enhances Component Manufacturing

SmartCollision™ is a high-speed collision detection engine for 3D objects. SmartCollision™ supports efficient collision detection for scenes composed of polygon objects for applications that need collision detection of polygon-based models at interactive speeds. 


Feature Video: Surgical Theater


Simulation and Training Benefits

  • Geomagic’s Sensable® Phantom® haptics provide a more true-to-life training experience and truly interact with 3D models.
  • Manipulate and test virtual machine components before fabricating and implementing them.
  • Create custom haptics solutions and visualizations for use in research, rehabilitation and training.
  • Accelerate design processes with intuitive simulations.
  • Reduce the complexity involved in product simulations.