Geomagic® is bringing touch to the world of applied science.

Academic and commercial researchers around the world choose Sensable® Phantom® haptic devices in their efforts to create a broad variety of haptically-enabled applications. As versatile as they come, Geomagic software and Sensable haptics provide true intuitive navigation and enable a world of exciting possibilities in anything from patient rehabilitation to interactive cellular modeling.

Geomagic’s Sensable development team, using its key resources and haptics expertise, has also designed quality, cost-effective customized haptic devices for use in research projects in simulation, robotics and medical supply.

Selected customers in this industry include: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Iowa State University, Research Institute against Digestive Cancer, NTT Research Lab and RIKEN.



MIT Touch Lab

The work in the RLE Laboratory for Human and Machine Haptics (also known as the Touch Lab) is guided by a broad vision of haptics, which includes all aspects of information acquisition and object manipulation through touch. Their work involves research in multiple disciplines, such as skin biomechanics, tactile neuroscience, human haptic perception, robot design and control, mathematical modeling and simulation, and more. 

Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation

CISMM develops force technologies applicable over a wide range of biological settings, from the single molecule to the tissue, with integrated systems that orchestrate facile instrument control, multimodal imaging, and analysis through visualization and modeling.

Feature Video: Surgical Theater


Research Benefits

  • Geomagic's Sensable Phantom line of haptic devices can fit a wide variety of research applications.
  • With decades of design experience, Geomagic has the capability to develop custom haptic devices for specific research applications.
  • The OpenHaptics Toolkit makes it quick and simple to develop custom touch-enabled computer applications.