Geomagic® is improving medical patient outcomes.

Geomagic software products are helping medical equipment designers, manufacturers and medical researchers break new ground with 3D digital reality, touch-enabled design, simulation and high-level product verification. 

Geomagic’s 3D modeling capabilities and force-feedback haptics devices are helping medical professionals of all kinds create better products, advance patient care and develop important new breakthroughs. Alleviating limitations of medical device manufacturing, medical training and medical research, Geomagic software and Sensable haptics devices make it possible to immediately use 3D scan and CT data, quickly design medical implants (using the Geomagic Freeform software), and perform virtual medical procedures.




Netherlands' University Maastricht Enhances the Precision of Maxillofacial Prosthetics

The University Hospital Maastricht needed a method for building prosthetics that reduced development time and production costs and increased patient satisfaction. See how they turned to the Geomagic Freeform to create a complete ear prosthetic.


Morriston Hospital and PDR Cut the Cost and Time of Producing Quality Cranioplasty Plates

Using Geomagic Freeform, Wales' Morriston Hosptial and PDR (The National Centre for Product Design and Development Research) created a smooth, cost-efficient digital workflow for creating prosthetic craniofacial plates. The solution also used Sensable® haptics' touch-based interface, providing designers an unprecidented connection to 3D cranioplasty plate models.


The Cleveland Clinic Brings Total Artificial Heart Closer To Reality

With the help of advanced technology in materials such as polymers and metals, 3D reverse engineering software from Geomagic, and more-traditional CAD/CAM software, Cleveland Clinic researchers, led by staff member Dr. William A. Smith, are working toward the artificial heart breakthrough that has been eluding the medical world for decades.

Feature Video: Cleft Palate Treatments


Medical Benefits

  • Accurately and quickly transform physical objects into usable 3D data using Geomagic Studio® and Geomagic Wrap®.
  • Directly and quickly create models from accurate 3D and CT scan data in Geomagic® Freeform® and Geomagic® Claytools®.
  • Create custom-fit devices for 3D print and manufacture.
  • Plan, develop, research and practice unique medical procedures using the Sensable haptics devices’ force feedback capabilities and the OpenHaptics Toolkit.
  • Accurately measure and inspect manufactured medical parts using Geomagic Qualify.