Geomagic® ups the pace, bringing cool, comfortable shoes to market faster.

3D modeling, using Geomagic software, reduces the time and money leading footwear companies spend guiding new shoes from design to prototype to the customer’s feet. With Geomagic 3D software in their corner, shoe designers and modelers can quickly advance through digital shoe sole molds, virtual prototypes and multiple design iterations, thereby accelerating the design, approval and manufacturing processes.

Selected customers in this industry include: adidas-Salomon, Alsa, C. Behren Formen & Design GmbH, Converse, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., K2, Reebok, Road Ahead Technologies Consultant, Corp. and Wolverine World Wide. 




Converse Fine-Tunes Shoe Design with 3D

From design iteration to sample making, rapid prototyping and manufacturing, Converse has developed a unique CAD approach to athletic shoe development. FreeForm® helps to keep Converse ahead of the pack with an innovative set of tools unlike anything else on the market.



Safer Shoe Soles Made Simple at C. Behrens Formen & Design GmbH

C. Behrens Formen & Design GmbH manufactures moulds and aluminum-lasts for the shoe industry. In creating a safety sole for the ladies shoe, “VENEZIA,” the company used Geomagic Freeform to model and easily convert STL-data to NURBS surfaces.


Timberland Moves Toward Mass Shoe Customization with Help from Geomagic 

Timberland is using 3D reverse engineering technology from Geomagic to create customized footwear, bring shoes to market faster, heighten quality and manufacture with considerabily less waste.

Tutorial Video: Geomagic Freeform


Footwear Benefits

When custom designers want to match a shoe to a foot, Geomagic tools are perfect for creating usable 3D foot scans, which can then be used to develop insoles that perfectly match the customer’s contours.

  • Create more comfortable shoe designs for customers with special requirements using scan data from Geomagic Studio® or Geomagic Wrap®.
  • Focus on the design itself and use your hands to sculpt prototypes with intuitive touch-based Sensable® Phantom® haptics.
  • Bring products to market faster by using Geomagic® Freeform® to quickly create detailed virtual 3D models and prototypes.
  • Pinpoint design flaws and deficiencies before bulk manufacturing.
  • Visualize a shoe in 3D prior to building it.