Film and Entertainment

Geomagic® brings characters to life.

A key component in an assortment of live-action and animated films, Geomagic software provides digital artists with the detail and modeling capabilities required to make truly enduring and life-like characters. Likewise, when game designers want to create a genuine experience, Geomagic provides the 3D accuracy necessary to make mythical creatures, animals and people practically jump from the screen.

Designers for films like X-Men 3: The Last Stand, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Dolphin Tale used Geomagic Studio® to produce 3D scans and Geomagic® FreeForm® touch-enabled modeling systems to intuitively create highly detailed models, providing important props and characters that would otherwise not be possible.

Selected customers in this industry include: Iguana Design Corp., Kleiser-Walczak, M5 Industries, Zack Petroc (Model Supervisor, World of Tomorrow), High Moon Studios, Mark Thorsen, Mike DeFeo (Blue Sky Studios) and Simon Goodall.




Geomagic Turns In a Great Peformance for Warner Bros' Dolphin Tale

When Warner Brothers Studios set out to make Dolphin Tale, the real-life story of a young dolphin that lost her tail and the prosthetic engineer who helped her swim again, they needed accurate 3D data to create lifelike animatronics. That's where NeoMetrix Technology and Geomagic Studio stepped in.



Freeform Haptics Push Computer-Generated Rides in a New Direction

When creating Busch Garderns' ride Corkscrew Hill, Artist Diana Walczak used Geomagic Freeform and Sensable haptics to mold a wide range of naturalistic expressions for each member of the ride's CG cast. From there the characters were animated and rendered in Maya and, once finished, these highly detailed animations awed viewers in a stunning 3-D stereo-extreme HD presentation.


Tutorial Video: Geomagic Freeform


Film and Entertainment Benefits

  • Scan real life objects into 3D for modeling and animation faster than ever with Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Wrap®.
  • Craft detailed organic shapes and character models in Geomagic® FreeForm and Geomagic® Claytools®.
  • Intuitively create and model using your sense of touch with Sensable® Phantom® force-back tools.
  • Save time with 3D scanning; spend more effort on the details.