Geomagic® helps collectibles designers rethink production.

Geomagic software enables fast, efficient use of 3D in custom parts creation and 3D printing, allowing collectibles designers to go further than they have before with efficient new manufacturing processes. Customers worldwide use Geomagic 3D technology to create collectibles, giftware and licensed characters.

Geomagic literally puts power in the designer’s hands with touch-enabled software that delivers force feedback when sculpting and shaping virtual clay. With these intuitive design capabilities, collectibles makers can focus wholly on creating whatever their minds see. 

Selected customers in this industry include: Antonius Köster Modellbau e. K., Christopher Dean Freeform Studios, Hallmark, Katamiya Industry Co. Ltd., Oluf W. Harvigson, Synapse Modeling.




Zak Designs Produces Cars 2 Drinkware at Lightning Speed

With Geomagic Freeform Zak designers were able to accurately model characters form Disney-Pixar's Cars 2 in only two days instead of the 5-10 days it would have taken with traditional clay modeling. When they were finished, Zak exceeded Disnay-Pixar's high expectations and ensured that these drink cups would arrive at hundreds of retailers weeks before the movie's premier.


The Outside Impresses High-Profile Clients Using Geomagic Claytools

It started when Kyle Houchens, owner and founder of The Outside, needed to texture a drill grip for one of his clients. To do so he integrated Claytools into his design process, a decision that revolutionized the way he develops models for clients like Mattel, Rubbermaid, Kodak, Fisher-Price and Marvel. 


Using Freeform, Synapse Creates On The Fly 

Synapse Modelmaking, an internationally acclaimed design and development studio, used the Geomagic Freeform modeling system to alter clients' designs in real time. As a result, they got from their clients what other designers can only dream about: instant approval.

Freeform Video Demo


Collectibles Benefits

  • Create detailed shapes, figurines, sculptures and character models in record time using Geomagic® Freeform® and Geomagic® Claytools®.
  • Use Geomagic® Studio® and Geomagic Wrap® to accurately and quickly convert physical objects into usable 3D data for sculpture scaling, design alteration and more.
  • Combine workflows with other 2D tools, 3D tools and 3D printing systems.
  • Combine the benefits of 3D prototyping and visualization with organic, true-to-life touch design capabilities.