Automotive Design and Manufacturing

Geomagic® puts automotive manufacturing in the fast lane.

Automotive OEMs and suppliers use Geomagic software to make the desing and manufacturing process more efficient. Manufacturers can now inspect components, reverse engineer, drive product and process improvement and increase product quality faster than ever using Geomagic's easy-to-use virtual 3D platform.

Geomagic's certified software solution is leading the shift to modern inspection and complementing traditional CMM for maximum product quality. Auto manufacutrers can increase quality using modern non-contact inspection for power train, chassis, body, sheet metal and plastic parts. Quality inspection using Geomagic can also drive continuous product and process improvement. 





Seven Car Designs in Seven Days

Bertone, renowned for its unique sense of Italian automotive style, recently bolstered its international reputation with a project in which the company presented seven car design alternatives to a customer in seven days. At the center of this new flexibility and speed is 3D reverse engineering enabled by Geomagic Studio software. 



Harley-Davidson Recreates A Classic Motorcycle Part

The trial and error of Harley's trypical design process - integrating hand-sculpted models with modern CAD engineering - was costing them time and money. But a new process involving Geomagic Studio helped them duplicate a legendary Harley gas tank quickly and accurately.



GM's SB2 Engine Goes Digital

For Richard Childress Racing the chalengs was to squeeze the most horsepower and torque out of General Motors' SB2 engine. An accurate 3D model of the engine created in Geomagic Studio is helping them do it.

Tutorial: Iterative Alignment

This video will show how to use interative alignment to move a hardware devices, such as a hard probe, to the coordinate system of a reference object.


Automotive Benefits

  • Model automotive bodies and components using Geomagic® Freeform® and Geomagic® Claytools® products.
  • Use 3D reverse engineering to create new designs, derivative parts, and repair and service retrofit processes.
  • Accurately and quickly capture physical objects and convert them into usable 3D data using Geomagic Studio® and Geomagic Wrap®.
  • Combine workflows with other 2D tools, 3D tools and 3D printing systems.
  • Replace manual mold processes and identify draft problems.
  • Perform non-contact inspections of power train, chassis, body, sheet metal and plastic parts using Geomagic Qualify®.