Geomagic® makes improving aircraft safety more efficient.

Geomagic software products enable aerospace and aeronautical engineers to provide the highest level of accuracy and quality in the manufacturing, repair and maintenance of airborne vehicles. At stake, ultimately, is passenger welfare, and Geomagic’s 3D technology allows engineering and maintenance teams the tools necessary to efficiently support aircraft and spacecraft safety. Geomagic software enables aerospace and engine designers to create highly accurate real-world 3D models from 3D scan data for retrofit, part reproduction, part simulation and new component creation. Engineers can also quickly utilize advanced, automated measurement and analysis of as-built parts along with turbine blade twist analysis with immediate report creation.







Geomagic Helps to Ensure Space Shuttle Safety

See how astronauts perform in-orbit automatic scans and verify space shuttle heat tiles using Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify, providing for rapid damage identification and replacement prior to reentry.




Howmet/Alcoa Speeds Up Quality Inspection

With help from Geomagic Qualify, Howmet, a division of Alcoa that manufactures compressor and turbine blades for aircraft jet engines, thinks it has found the solution to the “more-faster-better” inspection dilemma. The company has implemented a new first-article inspection process that combines a GOM white-light scanner in concert with computer-aided inspection software from Geomagic.



Australia's Airforce Shrinks Repair Times

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) operates a large fleet of 71 FA-18s. As part of on-going maintenance, aircraft are inspected for cracks in structural components of the wings, and damaged aircraft are grounded until repairs are made. Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify shorten the time it takes to fabricate the standard crack repair and gets the airplanes back into the air quicker.


Geomagic Studio Tutorial:                                     Points to Autosurface - Complete Workflow

This video demonstrates a complete workflow of how to process a point object into a CAD model. This video covers point cloud clean-up, polygon mesh editing and using the Autosurface command in Exact Surfacing to create a CAD model.


 Aerospace Benefits

  • Immediately use real-world data to create replacement parts and check for miniscule defects, like cracks and imperfections, using Geomagic Studio® and Geomagic Qualify®.
  • Measure and assure turbine blade twist and positioning with Geomagic Qualify’s advanced airfoil analysis.
  • Combine workflows for automated measurement and part verification at production-line speeds with the Geomagic platform and Python Scripting tools (GPSE).
  • Use 3D data produced by Geomagic in 3D printing processes.
  • Minimize delays in the manufacturing supply chain.
  • Dramatically improve return-to-service cycles.