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2012 Press Releases

  1. 11.27.2012:Geomagic Announces Geomagic Spark, a Revolutionary New Approach to Designing from Scan Data
  2. 11.27.2012:Geomagic Announces Freeform 2013, the Industry’s Only 3D Modeling Solution Offering Seamless Design with Four Different Modeling Representations
  3. 11.27.2012:Geomagic Announces the 2013 Editions of Geomagic Qualify and Geomagic Qualify Probe
  4. 11.27.2012:Geomagic Announces Geomagic Studio 2013
  5. 11.14.2012:Geomagic Sponsors Keynote Address at 2013’s Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES)
  6. 10.30.2012:Geomagic Teams with Solutionix to Provide 3D Scanning Software for the Versatile New Rexcan CS Plus Scanner
  7. 10.25.2012:Geomagic Helps Experts Make Beautiful Faces and Restore Function; Digital Design Solutions Showcased at MaxilloFacial Prosthetics Event
  8. 09.11.2012:Geomagic and Xisis to demonstrate the latest developments in 3D Scan, Design and Manufacture at TCT Live 2012.
  9. 08.27.2012:Touch a Piece of the U.S.’ Land Speed Bid at IMTS 2012 With North American Eagle and Geomagic
  10. 08.21.2012:Geomagic and Laser Design Announce Exclusive Deal for 3D Scanning and Inspection Solution
  11. 08.15.2012:As Gamers Descend on Gen Con 2012, Wyrd Miniatures Shows The Not-so-Weird Power of Digital Sculpting with Geomagic’s Freeform
  12. 08.09.2012:Geomagic Expands Executive Management Team After Record FY 2012
  13. 07.25.2012:Geomagic Releases New Freeform and Claytools 3D Modeling Software
  14. 07.19.2012:Geomagic Expands its Global Presence into India
  15. 06.25.2012:Geomagic CEO, Ping Fu, Recognized as One of the World’s Most Influential People in Burgeoning 3D Printing Industry
  16. 06.14.2012:Geomagic Customer Featured at White House for Its Touch-Enabled Surgical Rehearsal Platform
  17. 06.12.2012:Geomagic Demonstrates How Medicine Meets 3D at OMTEC 2012 Event
  18. 05.31.2012:CAIPros Now Delivering Automation Services for 3D Computer-Aided Inspection and Metrology
  19. 05.17.2012:Geomagic Customers Showcase Geomagic Studio, Freeform and Geomagic Qualify Solutions for Rapid Design and Manufacturing at RAPID 2012
  20. 04.11.2012:Geomagic Acquires Sensable 3D Design and Haptics Businesses
  21. 04.04.2012:Geomagic Delivers Updates to its 3D Imaging and Metrology Product Line
  22. 03.27.2012:Geomagic and University of South Florida Partner in 3D Education programs
  23. 03.08.2012:Ping Fu to Present at TED@SXSW event
  24. 03.06.2012:Geomagic CEO, Ping Fu, to Present Technology and Fashion at SXSW
  25. 02.16.2012:Twenty to Receive Citizenship and Five to be Honored in Silicon Valley
  26. 02.09.2012:Geomagic 2012 Products on Display at SolidWorks World 2012
  27. 02.08.2012:Geomagic COO Tom Kurke to Present at Faro 3D Documentation Conference 2012
  28. 01.08.2012:Geomagic Powers 3D Systems’ at CES 2012