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2011 Press Releases

  1. 11.08.2011:Geomagic Studio 2012 Provides Direct Link to SpaceClaim
  2. 11.08.2011:Geomagic Releases 2012 Product Line for Reverse Engineering and Inspection
  3. 11.08.2011:Geomagic Enhances 3D Imaging Software Using Tech Soft 3D Technology
  4. 11.08.2011:Geomagic Studio 2012 Line Integrates with Popular MCAD Products
  5. 11.08.2011:Geomagic Releases Geomagic Qualify 2012
  6. 11.08.2011:Geomagic Releases Geomagic Studio 2012
  7. 11.08.2011:Geomagic Releases Geomagic Wrap 2012
  8. 10.25.2011:Geomagic 3D imaging software used to create most accurate 3D digital model to date of 5000 years old Stonehenge in England
  9. 09.20.2011:Geomagic To Unveil Geomagic Qualify Probe for Hard Probe Inspection and Measurement of Manufactured Products
  10. 09.08.2011:Geomagic Expands to New Headquarter Offices in Research Triangle Park
  11. 07.26.2011:Geomagic Appoints John Alpine as VP of Engineering
  12. 07.20.2011:Geomagic Launches New Website with Strong User and Partner Community Support in 7 Languages
  13. 06.28.2011:Geomagic Announces European Headquarter Office Expansion
  14. 06.07.2011:Geomagic and Nikon Metrology Partner to Offer Integrated Scanning Solution for 3D Reverse Engineering and Inspection
  15. 05.23.2011:Geomagic Releases Wrap OEM Edition for Complete Scan-to-3D Hardware and Software Solutions
  16. 02.23.2011:The Park Scholar Class of 2011 Announces Ping Fu as winner of the William C. Friday Award
  17. 02.22.2011:Geomagic Announces Expanded Technical Support Resources
  18. 01.20.2011:Geomagic Announces 3D3 Solutions as its latest Channel Partner