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2009 Press Releases

  1. 12.09.2009:Geomagic opens new German office in response to business growth in EMEA region
  2. 12.07.2009:Near uses Geomagic Studio software to model virtual West End of London
  3. 11.17.2009:Geomagic adds parametric CAD model creation to its standard Geomagic Studio software
  4. 10.06.2009:Geomagic adds Tom Kurke as chief operating officer
  5. 09.29.2009:Geomagic's Steve Carnevale wins 2009 Movers and Shakers Award
  6. 08.17.2009:Cathy Hofknecht of Geomagic receives Triangle Business Journal Inspiration award
  7. 07.08.2009:Kody joins Geomagic as general manager of the dental business
  8. 06.23.2009:New Geomagic online support center delivers 24/7 knowledge base and customer resources
  9. 06.15.2009:Geomagic releases technology preview of add-on for designing dental copings and bridge frameworks
  10. 06.01.2009:New DICOM Importer brings CT data into Geomagic software
  11. 05.19.2009:Geomagic Studio 11 earns Autodesk Inventor certification
  12. 04.29.2009:New Automation Designer in Geomagic Qualify 11 enables users to create new inspections in minutes
  13. 04.29.2009:Geomagic Studio 11 introduces Parametric Exchange
  14. 03.17.2009:Parametric Exchange for SolidWorks now available on Geomagic Labs website
  15. 02.24.2009:New Geomagic Labs website shares emerging technologies with community
  16. 01.27.2009:Team North American Eagle selects Geomagic
  17. 01.20.2009:Geomagic announces program for February Convergence 2009 conference
  18. 01.07.2009:New Geomagic Studio 10x ships