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2008 Press Releases

  1. 12.10.2008:Bo Burlingham, Ping Fu to keynote Geomagic's Convergence 2009 event
  2. 12.02.2008:New Geomagic Studio 10x accelerates creation of intelligent, CAD-ready surfaces from 3D scan data
  3. 11.12.2008:Geomagic announces Convergence 2009
  4. 11.06.2008:Ping Fu of Geomagic receives innovation award from America China Business Women's Alliance
  5. 10.29.2008:Geomagic receives $8M investment from Valhalla Partners
  6. 09.10.2008:New Geomagic Studio editions target mechanical design, medical/scientific markets
  7. 09.02.2008:NSF grant furthers Geomagic's work to transform product design & development
  8. 06.18.2008:Adidas makes it big at Euro 2008 - with the aid of Geomagic 3D modeling software
  9. 05.02.2008:Desktop Engineering readers select Geomagic Studio 10 as top product
  10. 04.11.2008:Geomagic Qualify 10 now shipping
  11. 02.22.2008:Convergence 2008 provides portal into diverse applications of DSSP
  12. 02.13.2008:Geomagic hires new CFO and VP of human resources
  13. 02.08.2008:Peter Marks, Ping Fu to keynote Convergence 2008 conference
  14. 01.23.2008:Geomagic Studio 10 now shipping