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2005 Press Releases

  1. 12.06.2005:Geomagic introduces Geomagic Blade, purpose-built for turbine blade inspection
  2. 12.01.2005:Geomagic Qualify 8 targets automotive industry with inspection performance and cost reduction
  3. 12.01.2005:Geomagic Qualify 8 adds measurement systems support; provides major new features for automated inspection
  4. 11.30.2005:Geomagic debuts new products at Euromold 2005
  5. 11.29.2005:Geomagic announces first alliance program to support DSSP partners & better serve customers
  6. 11.21.2005:NCTA names Geomagic mid-size company of the year
  7. 11.15.2005:Geomagic's Ping Fu named Inc.'s Entrepreneur of the Year
  8. 10.19.2005:Geomagic earns Deloitte 500 for third consecutive year
  9. 09.15.2005:Geomagic Services program provides quick path to maximizing DSSP benefits
  10. 09.12.2005:Ping Fu of Geomagic selected to speak at international conference on mass customization
  11. 08.17.2005:NSF awards Geomagic Phase II grant for digital shape sampling & processing (DSSP)
  12. 08.04.2005:Ping Fu of Geomagic selected as leading businesswoman in N.C.’s Triangle
  13. 07.26.2005:Fiat certifies that Geomagic Qualify exceeds ANFIA standard requirements
  14. 07.13.2005:Geomagic software plays critical role in shuttle’s return to flight
  15. 06.30.2005:Geomagic names Andrew Stein VP of marketing, product & business development
  16. 05.25.2005:Major advances in Geomagic Studio 8 reduce NURBS surfacing time by 80 percent
  17. 05.19.2005:Geomagic products address turbine design, analysis and inspection
  18. 05.04.2005:Geomagic co-founder Edelsbrunner elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences
  19. 04.18.2005:Free Geomagic Review software enables enterprise-wide sharing of inspection results
  20. 03.16.2005:Geomagic receives U.S. patent for generating 3D texture maps from color points
  21. 03.02.2005:Geomagic eShell adds features to improve hearing instrument form, fit and function
  22. 02.15.2005:Geomagic receives Phase II NSF grant to create higher-quality surfaces from scan data
  23. 02.08.2005:Geomagic SDK enables scanner manufacturers to add real-time processing & graphics display
  24. 01.12.2005:Ping Fu of Geomagic named Entrebizneur of Year by Business Leader
  25. 01.05.2005:Geomagic Studio and Qualify receive highest accuracy certification from PTB