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2002 Press Releases

  1. 12.23.2002:ShapeGrabber Signs Agreement to Resell Geomagic Software Worldwide
  2. 11.25.2002:Geomagic to Offer First Look At New Geomagic Studio, Qualify Software
  3. 11.04.2002:3D Systems Signs Agreement to Resell Geomagic Software Worldwide
  4. 09.18.2002:Geomagic Selected to Present at Venture Capital Forum
  5. 04.30.2002:Geomagic Receives U.S. Patent for Wrap Process Used Throughout Product Line
  6. 03.22.2002:Geomagic Qualify 4.0 Wins NDES Show Stopper Award
  7. 03.19.2002:Geomagic to Deliver Interoperability Based on PTC's Granite™ One Environment
  8. 03.18.2002:Geomagic Qualify 4.0 Software Removes Quality Inspection Bottleneck
  9. 03.15.2002:Geomagic Promotes Scott to Vice President of Engineering
  10. 03.13.2002:Raindrop Releases Geomagic Studio 4.1
  11. 03.11.2002:Geomagic, Open Technologies s.r.l. to Provide New Integrated 3D Technologies
  12. 03.04.2002:Geomagic, Genex Technologies to Provide 3D Photography Solutions for Mass Customization
  13. 02.21.2002:Geomagic, Minolta Europe GmbH to Provide New Integrated 3D Technologies
  14. 01.21.2002:Geomagic Achieves 12-Month Positive Cash Flow
  15. 01.11.2002:International Computer Graphics Magazine Selects Geomagic Capture for Top 10 in 2001