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Geomagic Labs aims to involve our users more directly in the innovation process by making new technologies and ideas accessible and available for download and evaluation before they are ready for delivery in commercial Geomagic software. Here you will find early releases of products and new features, utilities, individual components, sample data and new ideas from the Geomagic development team.

Check back regularly as Geomagic Labs evolves. Over time, we will introduce more content and add new features to the website.



PowerGRID is Python script written for all Geomagic Industrial applications:  Geomagic® Control™ (formerly known as Geomagic Qualify), Geomagic Qualify Probe, Geomagic Studio, and Geomagic Wrap.  Essentially, it is an Ordered Data (Scan) importer.  PowerGRID is designed to assist the operator with finding the optimal import settings and when ready, import, filter, sample, global register, and merge the selected folder of (rough aligned) scans.